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The Plinth Project - an exhibition where the actual show pieces are missing. At Etage Projects in Copenhagen.
Exhibition: 18. November 2016 – 21 January 2017
The /2016 Ceramic Collection is presented in Osaka at the Designeast. As well some of our DIY yurts 'in the middle of nowhere' are build up there!
Exhibition: 17 – 19 September 2016
The DIY exhibition including objects by us is travelling to the Bröhan Museum Berlin.
Exhibition: 30.09.2016 – 29.01.2017
As companions from the early beginning of the Vienna Design Week, we contributed a Vienna Design Week Edition for the 10 years jubilee!
Exhibition: 30.9 – 9.10.2016
The London Design Biennale will open this September at Sommerset House. We show in the Swiss pavilion . We collaborated with de Cavis, a material manufacturer. Our contribution "Le son est disparu" is surprisingly light and silent.
Exhibition: 7 – 27 September 2016
Frieze London: 'Der Entwurf' desk and the 'Too hard to be true' stools will be at the booth of Salon94.
Exhibition: 6 – 9 October 2016
"Arita Porcelain Today" opens at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on the 12th of April.
Exhibition: 22.4.2016 – 9.10.2016

As guest tutors we taught a workshop at the objectdesign department of the HLSU. It was a collaboration of the students and refugees. The results were directly implemented in the centres. An impression you can get here: Do It together
After one year of intensive work on the new boardroom of the ZKB in great collaboration with Shirana Shabazi, Franziska Born, Chris Sandercock & Irja Böhm, is done!
Including the huge conference table, the kitchen, the speaker desk, tables and chairs designed by us!
Our "Dolce Vita Chair" is in the museum now! We are happy and proud.
"Dolce Vita Chair" was selected to be part of the
permanent collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich.